Job Summary

  • Contract Employees (3 months)
  • Occasion: Kakao Entertainment office in Pangyo

About Kakao Entertainment’s Global Localization Team

Greetings! We are Kakao Entertainment’s Global Localization Team!

We are currently in charge of translating Korean webtoons into different languages for global audiences. We work hard to provide high-quality translations while staying true to the original work.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Someone who loves books, webtoons, comics, dramas and other forms of media storytelling. (Being a fan of Kakaopage is a plus!)
  • Someone who would like to combine this passion into a career.
  • Someone who is flexible, open to sharing new ideas, and enjoys various forms of media.


  • Proofreading and editing Korean webtoons that have been translated into French.
  • Comparing translations with the original Korean (or English) text for mistranslations.
  • Checking story-specific translations and terms to ensure they fit the genre.

Key Qualifications

  • Native French speakers with excellent writing skills and knowledge of French culture
  • Previous experience in translating, editing, or proofreading Korean content or literature
  • For foreigners: Korean language ability (TOPIK Level 6 or higher, or other proof of Korean ability)

Bonus Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of webtoons, manhwa, and Korean pop culture
  • Awareness of various book genres (fantasy, romance, horror, action)
  • Basic photoshop, G-suite, Office tool skills
  • F-series visa holders preferred

Hiring Process

  • Submit English CV
  • 1st Editing Test
  • 2nd Editing Test plus Interview

(Only qualified applicants will be contacted.)