For all questions regarding shooting in France – in Korean, French or English:

Official coproduction (2006 agreement)

Each coproducer must bring minimum 20% of the financing and 20% of the technical and artistic participation.

Official coproductions are considered as national works in both countries, and open access to the traditional French financing system:

Automatic support for production and distribution

€151M budget in 2019. Support granted according to the “Frenchness” factor and to the box office success of the movie in France.

« Avance sur recettes »

€25M budget in 2019. Selective support only for movies mainly shot in French language (>50%).

« Aide aux cinémas du monde »

€5M budget in 2020.
Selective subsidy for foreign cinemas. Films above €2M budget need to be produced within the 2006 agreement

« Aides à la création visuelle et sonore »

€10M budget in 2019.
Selective and automatic support for innovative technologies, such as visual effects made in France.

Selective regional funds

€83M budget in 2019.
Selective schemes with criteria depending on the region.


€63M budget in 2019.
Selective support granted by fund-raising companies for European majority coproductions in French.

TV funding

€273M budget in 2019.
TV channels are legally required to invest in French audiovisual production.

Minimum Guarantee

Private funding for theatrical distribution, video or international rights, depending on the estimated market value of the movie.

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